Thursday, November 13, 2014


To me the whole point of the Ambassador program is to try new products and share the ones that work well.  Some products excite me more than others.  Reynolds is one of those brands that I can happily endorse.  From childhood I can recall that pink and blue box of Reynolds foil in my G'ma's kitchen.  My mother wasn't much of a cook and tended to shop by price rather than value, but even she had her Reynolds foil.  I was led astray as a young woman and bought store brands but soon realized the error of my ways and came back to Reynolds.

So I was excited to use  their Heavy Duty Foil to make up packets for fajitas, one contained the sliced, marinated meat and the other held the vegetables.  It was too cold to grill the day I made them so I used my oven.  This has to be one of the easiest meals I ever cooked and there was nothing to clean up!  I can imagine working moms assembling their packets and storing them in the fridge, ready to cook for a quick but complete dinner.  Then just tossing the used foil.  The recipe can be found here:

The Non Stick Foil made pizza and sausage rolls so easy too.  I have never been comfortable doing pizza on the grill but the foil allayed my qualms and worked perfectly.  Their recipe is here:

I have made sausage rolls before but not as easily as with the Non Stick Foil.  They will be made much more frequently with my new "trick" for making them.  Recipe is here:

Anytime I can find a short cut or a better way to do make meals simpler I am excited and I hope you are too.


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